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The Gal Line
order information
order information
120 ton Steam crane in 1/29th scale
Optional boom and bucket project
what you will need to supply

couplers, detail parts, rivets, paint and road markings

The archbar truck frames are included
gal 80 830

project cost $459.00

This project comes with Sierra Valley 33" wheels and brass bearings.
project cost with rivets included $484.00

gal 80 830-9

project cost $80.00

chain pictured is not included
boiler not included
boiler cap is 1/20.3 - boxcab engine project stack , boiler is a piece of PVC pipe.
laser cut patterns only $433.00

Included is the car body with working outriggers, cab and roof assembly. winch housing, gears, levers and parts for steam cyclinders. Archbar trucks, with steel wheels and bearings. Parts to assist in making the cable drums. 120 ton Boom, with material to make all sheaves. Also included are Kadee coupler pockets. Binding screws to mount trucks and cabin assembly to car body. gal 80 830 is drilled for Tichy Train Group rivets.

Pattern kit consists of 7 -12 x 24 inch laser cut styrene sheets in 4 ticknesses