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Great American Locomotion
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the following are replacement side projects for the AMS Jackson and Sharp coaches. 1/20.3 scale
GAL 80 625
Includes sides, easy to apply battens, windows and letter board.
GAL 80 603
laser cut railing and gates. enough for one car
GAL 80 604
includes replacement car ends with doors windows and one piece battons.
GAL 80 640
includes replacement car sides, windows, doors and is reversible for either planked or board and batten.
GAL 80 635
includes replacement car sides windows, doors and window mouldings and "window bars".
model by Peter Thornton
model by Geoff Ringle'
model by Peter Thornton
GAL 80 630
includes replacement car sides and doors
model by Tom Cruse
GAL 80 620
$ 98.00
Includes car sides, baggage doors, window frames, window moldings, mounting tabs, 2 interior bulkhead walls with doors, and clerestory roof inserts. This project is designed to retrofit an AMS coach that is not included.
model crafted by Richard Slater
gal 80 639 Business car Rico $125.00
gal 80 638 Business car Edna $157.00
Included are etched sides and multi piece window assemblies (appropriate to the specific car) that can be posed open or closed. There are enough window parts to finish the windows inside and out. Assorted gussets and tabs. All parts are laser cut styrene.
model crafted by Rob Lenicheck